Dialectical Behavior Therapy in Private Practice: A Practical and Comprehensive Guide


Thomas Marra, Ph.D.  New Harbinger Publications (2005), Includes downloadable client worksheets, forms, and PowerPoint slide presentations for each of the skill modules.  298 pages, with over 300 references on DBT and psychotherapy  research and practice

The publisher has modified the format of this text from having an enclosed CD ROM (which apparently was quite popular since many people ripped it off of the back cover) to downloadable forms, worksheets, and PowerPoint presentations for the Skills Training.  These are available after the book is purchased.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1    Dialectical Behavior Therapy:  A New Theoretical Orientation

Chapter 2    Evidence for the Effectiveness of DBT

Chapter 3    Pathogenesis:  Emotion Regulation as a Core Therapeutic Target

Chapter 4    Pathotopology:  Dialectic Conflict as a Core Therapeutic Target

Chapter 5    Dialectic Psychotherapy:  Balancing Acceptance with Change

Chapter 6    DBT:  Not Just for Borderlines Anymore

Chapter 7    Psychological Coping Skills Replace Escape and Avoidance

Chapter 8    Conducting DBT in Private Practice

                        32 Tables and Figures